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BackboneHTTP provides an HTTP interface that can be used in the browser or from Node.js.

This allows for a iteration of remote collections from the browser using BackboneORM's unified query syntax and iteration methods.

Examples (CoffeeScript)

class Project extends Backbone.Model
  urlRoot: '/projects'
  sync: require('backbone-http').sync(Project)
# Find all items with is_active = true 
Project.find {is_active: true}(err, projects) ->
# Iterate through all items with is_active = true in batches of 200 
Project.each {is_active: true$each: {fetch: 200}},
  ((project, callback) -> ),
  (err) -> console.log 'Done'
# Stream all items with is_active = true in batches of 200{is_active: true$each: {fetch: 200}})
  .pipe(new ModelStringifier())
  .on('finish'-> console.log 'Done')

Examples (JavaScript)

var Project = Backbone.Model.extend({
  urlRoot: '/projects'
Project.prototype.sync = require('backbone-http').sync(Project);
// Find all items with is_active = true 
Project.find({is_active: true}, function(err, projects) {});
// Iterate through all items with is_active = true in batches of 200 
Project.each({is_active: true, $each: {fetch: 200}},
  function(project, callback) {},
  function(err) {return console.log('Done');}
// Stream all items with is_active = true in batches of 200{is_active: true, $each: {fetch: 200}})
  .pipe(new ModelStringifier())
  .on('finish', function() {return console.log('Done');});

Please checkout the website for installation instructions, examples, documentation, and community!

For Contributors

To build the library for Node.js and browsers:

$ gulp build

Please run tests before submitting a pull request:

$ gulp test --quick

and eventually all tests:

$ npm test