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Standalone version of Backbone.Events


This is an extraction of the Events module of Backbone which can be used standalone (no external dependency), in the browser or in a nodejs environment.

This project started because I appreciate the Backbone.Events interface & features while I wanted to keep using it within non-DOM environments (think a Social API Web Worker for example).

I've ported the original Backbone.Events tests to mocha & chai so I can run them within a nodejs environment and ensure the extracted API actually works as expected without the burden of setting up continuous integration of browser tests.

$ bower install backbone-events-standalone
$ npm install backbone-events-standalone
<script src="backbone-events-standalone.js"></script>
  // use BackboneEvents 


  • You may want to use the minified version stored in backbone-events-standalone.min.js.
  • Using Bower, files are usually available within bower_components/backbone-events-standalone
require(["backbone-events-standalone"], function(BackboneEvents) {
  // ... 
var BackboneEvents = require("backbone-events-standalone");

The BackboneEvents#mixin method helps extending any object or prototype to add eventing support to it:

var myEventEmitter = BackboneEvents.mixin({});
myEventEmitter.on("foo", console.log).trigger("foo", "hello emitter");
// alternatively 
function Plop() {}
(new Plop()).on("foo", console.log).trigger("foo", "hello emitter");

BackboneEvents API & usage is the same as Backbone.Events.

$ npm test


Jeremy Ashkenas, Backbone author