Anonymous callback style interface for Backbone.js async methods

Backbone.js exposes a success/error style callback interface to the asynchronous methods fetch, save, and destroy. Example:

myModel.fetch({success: function() {
  error: function() {

This library adds a simpler node.js style callback interface for these methods:

myModel.fetch(function(error) {

To use this libary:

  1. Download from github, or npm install backbone-callbacks

  2. Attach the interfaces to Backbone in your initialization script:

    // In a browser... BackboneCallbacks.attach(Backbone);

    // In node.js... var Backbone = require('backbone'); require('backbone-callbacks').attach(Backbone);

This small library (under 1k) adds to the existing interface, allowing either style to be used. If a callback function is provided as the last argument, it will use the simpler style. Otherwise it will use the original success/error style.