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Anonymous callback interface for Backbone.js async methods

Backbone.js exposes a success/error style callback interface to the asynchronous methods fetch, save, and destroy. Example:

myModel.fetch({success: function(model, response) {
  error: function(model, response) {

If you're using Node.js and use your Backbone models on the client as well as the server, you may want to interact with your models in more of a Node.js async callback style:

myModel.fetch(function(error, response) {

This library adds to the existing interface for fetch, save, and destroy, allowing you to choose the style you prefer.

If a callback function is provided as the last argument, it uses that style. Otherwise it will use the default success/error style.

To use this libary:

  1. Download from github, or npm install backbone-callbacks

  2. Include the library in your application. Load it after Backbone.js on the browser, or require('backbone-callbacks') in Node.js