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    Babel plugin to transform async functions containing await expressions to the equivalent chain of Promise calls with use of minimal helper functions.


    async function fetchAsObjectURL(url) {
        const response = await fetch(url);
        const blob = await response.blob();
        return URL.createObjectURL(blob);


    const fetchAsObjectURL = _async(function(url) {
    	return _await(fetch(url), function(response) {
    		return _await(response.blob(), URL.createObjectURL);

    Output with hoist enabled:

    function _response$blob(response) {
    	return _await(response.blob(), URL.createObjectURL);
    const fetchAsObjectURL = _async(function(url) {
    	return _await(fetch(url), _response$blob);

    Output with inlineHelpers enabled:

    const fetchAsObjectURL = function(url) {
    	try {
    		return Promise.resolve(fetch(url)).then(function(response) {
    			return Promise.resolve(response.blob()).then(URL.createObjectURL);
    	} catch(e) {
    		return Promise.reject(e);

    Output with externalHelpers enabled:

    In the normal case, helpers are added to the top of the file for the _async and _await functions (as well as others). This can cause bloat in a codebase due to duplication of helper code in every file. To avoid this, enable externalHelpers and those will be imported instead:

    import { _async } from "babel-plugin-transform-async-to-promises/helpers";
    import { _await } from "babel-plugin-transform-async-to-promises/helpers";
    const fetchAsObjectURL = _async(function(url) {
    	return _await(fetch(url), function(response) {
    		return _await(response.blob(), URL.createObjectURL);
    export default fetchAsObjectURL;

    JavaScript Language Features

    Full Support

    • async/await
    • for/while/do loops (including loops that would exhaust stack if dispatched recursively)
    • switch statements (including fallthrough and default cases)
    • conditional expressions
    • logical expressions
    • try/catch
    • break/continue statements (on both loops and labeled statements)
    • throw expressions
    • Function hoisting
    • Variable hoisting
    • Arrow functions
    • Methods
    • arguments
    • this
    • Proper member dereference order of operations
    • Standards-compliant event loop scheduling

    Partial Support

    • Function.length: async functions will often return a length of 0 (when the _async wrapper is used)
    • Top level await support is experimental with compatible module bundler. Set topLevelAwait option to return when using SystemJS.

    No support

    • eval: impossible to support without deep hooks into the runtime
    • Async generator functions: not implemented or planned
    • rewrite pass removes function name instrumentation
    • new AsyncFunction(...): impossible to support without shipping babel and the plugin in the output


    npm i babel-plugin-transform-async-to-promises

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