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Allows export assignment syntax to be used when compiling TypeScript with @babel/preset-typescript.

This works by simply replacing export = with module.exports, to keep CJS semantics.


The most important thing when contributing is to make sure to add information about changes to the, ideally before publishing a new version. If you're not confident doing this, just ensure you provide primary maintainers as much information as possible, particular about any special rules or gotchas that are a result of your change.


To run eslint on the project, run:

npm run lint


To run jest on the project, run:

npm run test


To check that the project is type safe, run:

npm run check


To compile the project using TypeScript, run:

npm run build


This package uses a to track, note, and describe changes to its surface.

All documentable changes should be, being placed under the appropriate header in the CHANGELOG.

Note that the CHANGELOG is not fixed - it's perfectly reasonable to edit it after the fact, for whatever reason.

The version headers of the CHANGELOG are automated by an npm-version script, located in the scripts folder, When run, the script will insert a new version header below the [Unreleased] header.

The version header is enclosed in a link, linking to the comparing page for the repo (to allow users to easily bring up a full git comparision between the new & previous versions of the package), and has the date of the release at the end.

Tagging, Versioning, & Publishing

We use SemVer for versioning.

Tags should match the release versions, with a prefixing v

Both publishing & versioning should be done using npm, which'll also handle tags.

To publish a new version of this package, use npm publish.

There is an npm-version script located in the scripts folder of the repo, that handles keeping the CHANGELOG headers in sync with new package versions.


npm i babel-plugin-replace-ts-export-assignment

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