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a babel plugin which use jsdoc to implement strong typing in javascript It implements the principle of jsdoced javascript as a babel plugin. It implements strong typing for functions in javascript. The type of the function arguments and of the return value are checked according to your jsdoc. It is working in browser and node.js. it has source maps.

On top of it it supports es6 arrow functions too! If you use react, don't worry it works with jsx without trouble.

Check it out! How to install it

What is JSDoced Javascript ?

Here is a Youtube video "JSDoced JS in 1min", it worth the whole minute :)

or in a single image

jsdoced javascript in a single image


  • no dependancies
  • works in node.js and browser
  • support source maps
  • works with es2015 and react/jsx
  • even works with new es6 arrow function
  • easily integrable in modern js tools. browserify/webpack/gulp you name it

Use cases

  • Improve your tests
    • jsdoced javascript will detect a new kind of errors.
    • So this is an additional level of testing
    • better detect those bugs before your users see them :)
  • Debug build for library
    • any library provide a minified version and a normal version
    • You can provide a jsdoced version
    • this debug version contains additional code to help debug.
    • thus people can use this one when developping or testing their own project
    • and hopefully detect errors earlier.
    • Specially interesting when you are learning a library. because you are more likely to do mistakes. better for your users :)
    • see /examples/gulpfile for a example on how to that with gulp


$ npm install babel-plugin-jsdoced


Via .babelrc (Recommended)


  "plugins": ["jsdoced"]

With es6

  "presets": ["es2015"],
  "plugins": ["jsdoced"]


$ babel --plugins jsdoced script.js

With es6

$ babel --presets=es2015 --plugins jsdoced ./sample-es6.js

Via Node API

require("babel-core").transform("code", {
  plugins: ["jsdoced"]


npm i babel-plugin-jsdoced

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