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Works the same as Webpack's file-loader, but on server side. With 95% test coverage!


npm install babel-plugin-file-loader --save
yarn add babel-plugin-file-loader

Then put following "file-loader" as plugin in .babelrc:

  "plugins": ["file-loader"]

This is equivalent to following default configuration:

  "plugins": [
        "name": "[hash].[ext]",
        "extensions": ["png", "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "svg"],
        "publicPath": "/public",
        "outputPath": "/public",
        "context": ""

How it works

More or less as follows:

  1. Processes only import and require that reference files ending with one of "extensions"
  2. Calculates actual $name of resource by substituting placeholders in "name"
  3. Copies resource into $ROOT/$outputPath/$name where $ROOT is .babelrc location.
  4. Replaces import and require in code with "$publicPath/$name" string

Example usage

import img from './file.png'
const img2 = require('./file.svg')

Puts 0dcbbaa7013869e351f.png and 8d3fe267fe578005541.svg in the /public and replaces code with:

const img = "/public/0dcbbaa7013869e351f.png"
const img2 = "/public/8d3fe267fe578005541.svg"



Tells where to put static files. By default it's "/public".

This path is relative to the root of project.


Tells what prefix to output in the source. By default it's "/public" as well but it can be even full url, like so: ""

In this case the resulting code is:

const img = ""


The default is [hash].[ext] where:

Name Type Default Description
[ext] {String} file.extname The extension of the resource
[name] {String} file.basename The basename of the resource
[path] {String} file.dirname The path of the resource relative to the context
[hash] {String} md5 The hash of the content, see below for more info

The full format [hash] is: [<hashType>:hash:<digestType>:<length>], where:

Name Type Default Description
hashType {String} md5 sha1, md5, sha256, sha512
digestType {String} base64 hex, base26, base32, base36, base49, base52, base58, base62, base64
length {Number} 128 The length in chars

For example: [md5:hash:base58:8] or [hash:base36].


List of extension file-loader should look for in imports. All other imports are ignored.


Yes, please!