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B2G Scripts

Contains a single cli script - b2g-scripts with a growing number of subcommands.

In general it is assumed you have a working b2g emulator/desktop/phone with marionette turned on and listening on port 2828.

Commands like reload-app are not going to be useful if you're not in DEBUG mode (everything is in offline cache).


# notice the -g option for global 
npm install b2g-scripts -g

Recomended B2G Desktop settings

make DEBUG=1


Run b2g-scripts with no arguments to see the list of current commands. Each command has sub options as well and all respond to the --help option.

b2g-scripts watch --help

b2g-scripts watch

Watches a directory for web dev changes js/css/html/properties files. Executes a cli command. You can use this to chain other sub commands.

# I use this all the time to reload app when I am making rapid 
# html/css changes 
b2g-scripts watch "b2g-scripts reload-app"

b2g-scripts cmd

Runs any of the marionette commands with n number of arguments

b2g-scripts cmd goUrl

b2g-scripts reload-app

Reloads currently running app.

WARNING this is bound to the current implementation of gaia and will break if that implementation changes.

b2g-scripts reload-app

b2g-scripts hosts

Output hostfile definition to add to /etc/hosts

b2g-scripts hosts --gaia $GAIA_DIR --ip

b2g-scripts server

Starts http server. Faster then HTTPD but designed for use with the emulator/phone.

b2g-scripts server --gaia $GAIA_DIR --port 8081