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    az-bunyan provides azure storage streams for bunyan logger.

    Install az-bunyan

    npm install az-bunyan --save


    Table storage stream

    Basic sample

    1. Create the stream
    // define the target azure storage table name
    const tableName = 'destinationTableName';
    // define the connection string to your azure storage account
    const connectionString = 'DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=storageAccountName;AccountKey=storageAccoutnKey;'
    // initialize the az-bunyan table storage stream
    const azureStream = azBunyan.createTableStorageStream('warning', {
        connectionString: connectionString,
        tableName: tableName
    1. Add the stream to your bunyan logger
    const logger = bunyan.createLogger({
        name: "yourLoggerName",
        streams: [

    Custom partitionKey and rowKey

    PartitionKey and rowKey are very important concepts of azure storage. Planning your your key strategy is very important to ensure queryability and scalability of your logs. We suggest that you read this documentation.

    Az-bunyan comes with a default rowKey and partitionKey strategy, but we don't believe in the one size fits all when it comes to that kind of point. So when you create your stream you can give custom key generation templates.

    The templates are compiled with handlerbars so you should follow handlebars syntax.

    const azureStream = azBunyan.createTableStorageStream('warning', {
        connectionString: connectionString,
        tableName: tableName
        partitionKeyFormat: "{{name}}_{{momentFormat time "YYYY-MM-DD"}}"
        rowKeyFormat: "{{#if correlationId}}{{correlationId}}{{else}}{{newId}}{{/if}}"

    Known limitations

    • Since azure table only supports column names composed of alpha numeric characters, az-bunyan drops those characters from property names. You should avoid logging an object with property names which differ only by special characters.

    Future features

    • Blob Storage support
    • Log rotation support

    Feel free to suggest features or submit pull requests.


    npm i az-bunyan

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