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This is a tool make easier to concat and compress the javascript & scss files


shell $ npm install -g ay_front --registry=

Getting started

Create .rbuildrc in your application root directory:

    "path": {
        "build": {
            "javascript": "build/javascripts",
            "css": "build/stylesheets"
        "components_config": "configs/components.json"
        "resources_config": "configs/resources",
        "static_root": "assets"
    "prefix": {
        "resources_key": "controllers",
        "resources_css": "assets/stylesheets"
        "resources_javascript": "assets/javascripts"
    "sass": {
        "dist": {
            "folders": [
                    "expand": true,
                    "cwd": "configs/scss",
                    "src": ["*.scss"],
                    "dest": "build/stylesheets",
                    "ext": ".css"
            "files": {
                "build/test.css": "configs/test.scss"
  • The components_config should be a json file, but resources_config can be either a json file or a directory, you can see the example in tests/configs
  • The static_root is root static directory in your application
  • The resources_key is the key of resource prefix(e.g. a resource key is named user@index, the full key is should be controllers/user@index)
  • The resources_css & resources_javascript are the source file path prefix(e.g. a resource file path is defined home.js, the full path is should be assets/javascripts/home.js)

Usage Examples

You can see a simple example in tests


  $ rbuild -h
  Usage: rbuild [options]
    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number
    -c, --config   set config file
    -f, --force    build file even it exists
    -i, --ignore   unnecessary to create rbuild.lock file in application root directory
    -r, --replace  replace urls in css files with absolute path