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AxesBuilder Build Status


build the projects which run with the AxesJS web framework.

What is AxesBuilder

AxesBuilder for building frontend program for frontend resources combined compression and version tracking

How to use

Step 1: install AxesBuilder

npm install axesbuilder -g

Step 2:

put build.json file under the packets folder of a project.

Step 3:

run the command to build

axesbuilder build projectpacketpath



Construction of the project id to distinguish from each other, sometimes a project might construct multiple releases and updates distinction, it will be very important at this time id


The project build number, users do not need attention, it is automatically incremented


May need before the packet is added to build the project basePath prefix (used in a specific user resolves dynamic pages)


After the build to edit pages

  • type:
    • 1 Only update page
    • 2 Updates the page and back up the original page
  • path:[]
    • ./ current directory
    • ../ parent directory
    • *.php filename characters
    • *.* filename characters

Relative to the directory is the directory packet


Not to merge css package Name


Not to merge js package Name


Not to merge template package Name

   "id": "OPEN",
   "build": "000050",
   "pathPrefix": "",
   "updatePage": {
      "type": 1,
      "path": [
   "cssCompressWithout": [],
   "codeCompressWithout": [],
   "tmpCompressWithout": []