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Axentix is a framework mixing fully customizable components & utility-first classes, leaving the design choice to the developer.

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Why Axentix

  • Easy to custom : Add your own color to the palette and its 9 variants will be generated. Every component comes with CSS Variables making you able to custom each of them.

  • Fast to learn, read and write : You won't be lost between frameworks, Axentix's class names are easy to read, write and learn. If you already used Bootstrap or TailwindCSS, you already know a plenty of them.

  • Design choice to the developer : The framework is focused on the developer experience and lets them choose their design by implementing easy to custom components & utility-first classes

  • Easiest grid system : Axentix is the first framework using the css grid feature to create its grid system, making it the most advanced as easy to use grid system.

  • Themeable : The integrated Theme Switcher handles natively dark mode and custom user theme.

  • Google accessibility-friendly color palette : The integrated color palette of 130+ colors automatically generates lighten and darken variants. Setting them on any element will choose the best text-color depending on the google requirements.

  • Growing ecosystem : Axentix comes with its friends, Neu-Axentix implementing neumorphism design, a VSCode extension and its code snippets, Vue-Axentix and its VueJS components and more are incoming.

  • Zero dependencies : No dependencies means freedom.



npm install axentix


yarn add axentix


Include the files with jsDelivr.

Github Release

You can download the latest release from Github.

Clone the repo

git clone
cd axentix
npm ci

After installation you have access to our source files.
You can build the project with npm run build or launch development server with npm run dev.


Find the documentation at


Changelog is accessible in the file or in the release section.


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Axentix Framework - Made with ❤️ by Axel SIMONET & Vincent LEVEQUE

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