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An all-in-one tool for running aXe accessibility tests on several pages (or entire websites) at once. It bundles Selenium WebDriver, aXe, and PhantomJS into a tidy lil' CLI.

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This tool is for flagging problematic pages. For detailed page info, try one of the aXe browser plugins.

👉 Chrome 👉 Firefox


npm i axegrinder -g

Axegrinder is a node.js package so you'll need node and npm installed. If you don't have node installed already, you're probably the only one.


For now, axegrinder only has one command: crawl. You can point the tool at a URL and it will do its best to go through the entire website until it runs out of new links.

axegrinder crawl

This will output the results of the crawl to the terminal, in a nicely formatted list. Pages with accessibility violations will be highlighted in red.

CSV Output

Of course, it would be much more useful to save your results to a spreadsheet. By using the --csv arg, axegrinder can log each violation along with the URL of the page on which it was found.

axegrinder crawl --csv=output.csv

If you abort the crawl early, your results up to that point will still be saved to the CSV file.

Accessibility Standards

Since axegrinder is just a wrapper around aXe, you can use any of the aXe "tags" to specify which standards to validate against. You can set multiple standards at once, as a comma-separated list:

axegrinder crawl --levels=wcag2a,wcag2aa

The available options are listed below. I think the names are pretty self-explanatory, but you can check the aXe docs if you want specifics.

  • wcag2a
  • wcag2aa
  • section508
  • best-practice

Filter URLs

You can include only pages whose URL contains a specific string. Just use the --include arg.

axegrinder crawl --include=/url/pattern