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Creates an HTML report from axe-core library AxeResults object listing violations, passes, incomplete and incompatible results.

Allows specifying report creation options: reportFileName, outputDir, outputDirPath, projectKey and customSummary.


  • customSummary allows having html parameters
  • outputDirPath allows specifying absolute path

Please check sample report output.

createHtmlReport returns HTML content that can be additionally used for specific integrations.

If only HTML content needed, user can pass doNotCreateReportFile: true to stop report file creation.

Suggestion on how to use this library if you don't need a report file but need only HTML it produces:

const reportHTML = createHtmlReport({
    results: rawAxeResults,
    options: {
        projectKey: 'I need only raw HTML',
        doNotCreateReportFile: true,
console.log('reportHTML will have full content of HTML file.');
// suggestion on how to create file by yourself
if (!fs.existsSync('build/reports/saveReportHere.html')) {
    fs.mkdirSync('build/reports', {
        recursive: true,
fs.writeFileSync('build/reports/saveReportHere.html', reportHTML);


npm i -D axe-html-reporter


Example usage in TestCafe

To run TestCafe tests with axe-core, install testcafe, axe-core and @testcafe-community/axe:

npm i -D axe-html-reporter testcafe axe-core @testcafe-community/axe

For TestCafe example add the following clientScript in your .testcaferc.json config:

    "clientScripts": [{ "module": "axe-core/axe.min.js" }]

In the example bellow fileName is not passed. If fileName is not passed, HTML report will be created with default name accessibilityReport.html in artifacts directory.

See full TestCafe test example is bellow:

import { runAxe } from '@testcafe-community/axe';
import { createHtmlReport } from 'axe-html-reporter';

fixture('TestCafe tests with Axe').page('');

test('Automated accessibility testing', async (t) => {
    const axeContext = { exclude: [['select']] };
    const axeOptions = {
        rules: {
            'object-alt': { enabled: true },
            'role-img-alt': { enabled: true },
            'input-image-alt': { enabled: true },
            'image-alt': { enabled: true },
    const { error, results } = await runAxe(axeContext, axeOptions);
    await t.expect(error).notOk(`axe check failed with an error: ${error.message}`);
    // creates html report with the default file name `accessibilityReport.html`
        options: {
            projectKey: 'EXAMPLE',

Run TestCafe test:

npx testcafe
 Running tests in:
 - Chrome 85.0.4183.121 / Linux

 TestCafe tests with Axe
HTML report was saved into the following directory /Users/axe-demos/artifacts/accessibilityReport.html
 ✓ Automated accessibility testing

 1 passed (1s)

Example usage in any JS framework

import { createHtmlReport } from 'axe-html-reporter';

(() => {
    // creates html report with the default name `accessibilityReport.html` file
    createHtmlReport({ results: 'AxeResults' }); // full AxeResults object
    // creates html report with the default name `accessibilityReport.html` file and all supported AxeResults values
    createHtmlReport({ results: { violations: 'Result[]' } }); // passing only violations from output
    // creates html report with the default name `accessibilityReport.html` file and adds url and projectKey
        results: 'AxeResults',
        options: { projectKey: 'JIRA_PROJECT_KEY' },
    // creates html report with the name `exampleReport.html` in 'axe-reports' directory and adds projectKey to the header
        results: 'AxeResults',
        options: {
            projectKey: 'JIRA_PROJECT_KEY',
            outputDir: 'axe-reports',
            reportFileName: 'exampleReport.html',
    // creates html report with all optional parameters, saving the report into 'docs' directory with report file name 'index.html'
    const customSummary = `Test Case: Full page analysis
    <ol style="margin: 0">
    <li>Analyze full page with all rules enabled</li>
        results: 'AxeResults',
        options: {
            projectKey: 'DEQUE',
            outputDir: 'docs',
            reportFileName: 'index.html',


const { createHtmlReport } = require('axe-html-reporter');

(() => {
    // creates html report with the name `accessibilityReport.html` file
    createHtmlReport({ results: { violations: 'Result[]' } });

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