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AWS Transcribe

A client for Amazon Transcribe using the websocket interface

WARNING: This module is now deprecated and will no longer be maintained. Please use the official package provided by amazon, it can be found here

Getting Started

With NPM install the module with: npm install aws-transcribe --save With YARN install the module with: yarn add aws-transcribe


An example of streaming from microphone can be found in src/examples/stream-from-microphone.ts

import { AwsTranscribe, StreamingClient, TranscriptEvent } from "aws-transcribe"

const client = new AwsTranscribe({
    // if these aren't provided, they will be taken from the environment
    accessKeyId: "ACCESS KEY HERE",
    secretAccessKey: "SECRET KEY HERE",

const transcribeStream = client
        region: "eu-west-1",
        sampleRate: 16000,
        languageCode: "en-US",
    // enums for returning the event names which the stream will emit
    .on(StreamingClient.EVENTS.OPEN, () => console.log(`transcribe connection opened`))
    .on(StreamingClient.EVENTS.ERROR, console.error)
    .on(StreamingClient.EVENTS.CLOSE, () => console.log(`transcribe connection closed`))
    .on(StreamingClient.EVENTS.DATA, (data: TranscriptEvent) => {
        const results = data.Transcript.Results

        if (!results || results.length === 0) {

        const result = results[0]
        const final = !result.IsPartial
        const prefix = final ? "recognized" : "recognizing"
        const text = result.Alternatives[0].Transcript
        console.log(`${prefix} text: ${text}`)



new AwsTranscribe(clientConfig)

This creates a service wrapper which can then be used to create a streaming client

The clientConfig is optional and can be provided with the following properties:

  • accessKeyId if not provided, the package will look for AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID environment variable
  • secretAccessKey if not provided, the package will look for AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variable


This will create a presigned url using the config and return an instance of StreamingClient which is a wrapper around the websocket. It will decode binary messages coming from AWS and encode messages to binary when sending them

The transcribeStreamConfig is required and must have the following properties:

  • region must be one of "us-east-1", "us-east-2", "us-west-2", "ap-southeast-2", "ca-central-1", "eu-west-1"
  • languageCode must be one of "en-US", "en-AU", "en-GB", "fr-CA", "fr-FR", "es-US"
  • sampleRate must be between 8000 and 44100 - the supported sample rate differs depending on the language code being used. For more information, go here

It may also optionally include:

StreamingClient EVENTS

  • open - when the socket to aws is opened
  • error - any errors sent as part of websocket message or websocket error
  • data - emits the transcription object
  • close - when the socket to aws closes


set environment variable to below when running your application.



If you discover a bug, please raise an issue on Github.


Pull requests are very welcome. Please:

  • ensure all tests pass before submitting PR
  • add tests for new features
  • document new functionality/API additions in


Copyright (c) 2020 Muhammad Qasim. Licensed under the MIT license.

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