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Easy way to deploy web app to S3/CF

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This plugin dose two thing:

  • Upload build ./dist to S3 bucket.
  • Invalidate CloudFront

Example for config JSON:

  "S3Bucket": "my-bucket-name-dev", // required
  "releaseVersion": null,
  "distFolder": null, // can be as folder
  "version": "version",
  "sourceFolder": "./dist", // required
  "region": "eu-west-1", // required
  "DistributionId": "E1ZKF9G******", // required
  "ItemsToInvalidate": [
  ], // required
  "AWSProfile": "My-aws-cli-profile",
  "ApplicationName": "My-Cool-APP-NAME",
  "EnvironmentName": "Production" //

Important notes:

  • Content in destination folder (or in bucket if 'distFolder' not provided) will be removed!!!
  • S3 bucket and CF Distribution should to be in same region.

Quick Start

  1. Install package: npm install aws-fed-deployment --save-dev or yarn add aws-fed-deployment

  2. Command run: aws-fed-deployment --dpl-config <path/to/config/json>

Any feedback would be highly appreciated