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The aws-cloudsearch module makes it simple to index and search documents using the AWS CloudSearch service.

Index = require "aws-cloudsearch"

albums = new Index
    name: "albums"
    id: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "*.error", (error) ->
  console.log error

id =
  query: "Led Zepplin"
  fields: "title,year" "{id}.success", (results) ->
  console.log "Found #{results.hits.found} results."
  for hit in results.hits.hit
    [title] =
    [year] =
    console.log "'#{title}' - #{year}"

The aws-cloudsearch module use node-bus to propagate events.


This is very much a work in progress. Email me suggestions if you have any.

Among other things, I plan to put a bit more wrapper code around the queries and results.


npm install aws-cloudsearch