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React Data Grid

Excel-like grid component built with React, with editors, keyboard navigation, copy & paste, and the like react-data-grid


npm install react-data-grid

This library is written with CommonJS modules. If you are using browserify, webpack, or similar, you can consume it like anything else installed from npm.


ReactDataGrid is an advanced JavaScript spreadsheet-like grid component built using React

Exported Modules

ReactDataGrid exposes two possible modules, react-data-grid and react-data-grid/addons. What's included in each module depends on ReactDataGrid's version you're using. We have made a major change to this in v1, so please read below.


  • You can import react-data-grid or react-data-grid/addons depending if you want to have access to the add-ons or not.
  • react-data-grid/addons contains react-data-grid so in 0.X.X you only need to imort this module to get the addon extras and the grid itself.
  • react-data-grid/addons points to react-data-grid-with-addons.js on dist folder.
  • #### Known Issues:
    • Some external dependencies in react-data-grid/addons don't offer support for older browsers like IE8, so you cannot use this on a page with IE* as babel generated script will break (using default and other issues that break in IE8)
    • This also includes a much deeper set of dependencies that get bunlded, which in simple use cases, causes a lot of bloat


We have made a breaking change, so react-data-grid/addons will not include the grid itself, it is only for importing the addons and you need to also import react-data-grid This solves for the issues above, as well as laying the groundwork for allowing more fine grained imports. This will allow you to simply include react-data-grid/addons to get everything, but also to include single addons (a la lodash)

  • If you just want the basic grid import react-data-grid
  • If you want the addons (ruich editors, etc) import react-data-grid and react-data-grid/addons
  • Both modules are completely independent and can be used separately.
  • react-data-grid/addons points to `react-data-grid.ui-plugins.js`` on dist folder.

Migration from 0.X to 1.X

If you previously had an import for react-data-grid/addons you will need to now add react-data-grid as well


Check out the examples directory to see how simple previously complex UI and workflows are to create.




This project has been built upon the great work done by Prometheus Research. For the original project, please click here. It is released under MIT


npm i awn-react-data-grid

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