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    avro-cado: Encode and Decode using a schema-registry


    • Simple package that implements Avro encoding and decoding
    • Written in Typescript
    • Follows the Avro serialization conventions of Confluent's Schema Registry. During deserialization, schemas are obtained from the registry using their 4-byte id prefix. When serializing data, schemas are registered to the registry and obtain the corresponding 4-byte id prefix.
    • Easy to use interface. All of Confluent's Schema Registry flows are implemented in the package
    • Supports evolution. Converts Avro-encoded payloads into a format specified by the application's Avro schema.

    Sample use case

    • We use this to encode and decode messages when consuming and producing to Kakfa


    npm install avro-cado


    Avro schema

    // Avro schema
    const avroSchema = {
      type: "record",
      name: "TestMessage",
      namespace: "com.flipp.node.kafka.TestMessage",
      doc: "Properties related to a TestMessage.",
      fields: [
          name: "key",
          type: "string",
          doc: "The the key for the message"
          name: "text",
          type: "string",
          doc: "The text for the message"


    // package options
    const opts: Options = {
      schemaRegistry: "http://localhost:8081",
      numRetries: 10, // number of attempts to call schemaRegistry
      wrapUnions: "auto", // avsc option
      subject: "test-value", // subject for schema registration
      schema: avroSchema, // schema object as needed for avsc

    Create Encoder and use it

    const encodeFunc = await createEncoder(opts);
    // encode a message
    const encoded: Buffer = encodeFunc(message);

    Create Decoder and use it

    const decodeFunc = createDecoder(opts);
    // decode a message
    const decoded = await decodeFunc(encoded);

    Making Changes

    • Ensure typescript is installed: npm install -g typescript
    • Install all dependencies: npm install
    • Make changes
    • Run npm run package. This will remove the release directory, run tsc and add the release directory back to git. The release directory needs to be updated every commit to include changes in the library.
    • Update the version in package.json
    • Add your changes to git, and commit.

    Support / Contributing

    Before opening an issue or pull request, please read the Contributing guide.


    npm i avro-cado

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