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avr project tools


avr project tools

This module allows you to mix and match components for avr embedded development. You can either pull from github or a local directory and there is no need to modify a makefile.

Make sure you have avrdude, avr-gcc and friends installed. On osx you can do that by installing CrossPack or using brew/macports

npm install -g avr

avr <command> <subcommands>

initialize the current directory as a new project or create the specified directory and initialize there

calls out to avr-gcc and compiles/links the sources specified in the avr.json file

sources found in deps/*/avr.json are also compiled and the resulting artifacts are put in ./build/

performs a build and invokes avrdude based on the settings in avr.conf

puts a local copy of project into your ./deps/ directory

removes the local copy of project from ./deps/