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Concurrent, opinionated UI Testing. Using ava, codeceptjs, webdriverio and chrome.


  • Writing UI tests in Cucumber/Gherkin syntax feels clunky and is hard to troubleshoot (BTW "Business People" don't care about your tests anyway). CodeceptJS fluent and concise API is just fine for browser testing.
  • Page objects are a great way to organize your tests and they should just be "Plain Old Javascript Objects" (not like CodeceptJS)
  • Async/Await lets you write tests in a synchronous like style. No need for under-the-hood promise chain magic (like in CodeceptJS)
  • As a maintainer of an UI test suite I need concise error messages. Avas code excerpts are perfect for this.
  • Chrome headless is currently the most reliable option to run your tests. Phantomjs will no longer be maintained, Nightmarejs is flakey.


A complete sample project is available in

  • Run your UI tests concurrently and reduce total test execution time
  • Use ava's watch mode to automatically run affected tests on code changes
  • Uses async/await. No promise chain magic under the hood.
  • Uses ava's great assertion library, code excerpts, before/after hooks etc.
  • Use ava's snapshot feature to take an html snapshot of a part of the page and compare it to previous snapshots
  • Automatically wait for elements to become visible before clicking, filling input fields or validating assertions
  • Automatically make a screenshot when a test fails
  • Automatically take screenshots of assertions
  • Use "plain" Javascript objects as page objects and require them explicitly in your tests. No global configuration and dependency injection magic.
  • Get meaningful stacktraces even in page object functions




  • DONE Auto-Wait for elements automatically on 'click'

  • DONE Create valid error screenshot file names

  • DONE Save error screenshot to output directory

  • DONE Save debug screenshots automatically after each step

  • DONE cleanup error screenshots before each test run

  • DONE Code excerpt broken on codeceptjs exceptions

  • DONE In error screenshots: Show a grid of all boxes

    • { border: 1px solid rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); }
  • DONE Try ava snapshot feature

  • DONE Try ava failing test feature

  • DONE Try chrome headless

  • DONE Mark failed area on page

  • DONE Use test name (and path) when creating output directory for screenshots

  • DONE 'within' might fail, because I need to wait for context object to become visible first

  • DONE Refactor check24 tests into separate files (ava concurrency is file concurrency)

  • DONE t.on should return new page object instance

  • DONE Refactor ava-codecept code

  • DONE Move examples to separate project

  • DONE NEED IDEA How to run same test case on/for multiple devices

  • DONE Still problems with ava --watch and removing directories (seems to be a windows problem)

  • DONE Store screenshot with stacktrace in report

  • DONE Display page title (and url) in the error screenshot

  • DONE Save browser logs to disk on error

  • DONE Also show the 'original' stack trace (from within page object or function)

  • DONE Create a report file which can be used to create a nice, detailed test report

  • DONE Record test duration

  • DONE Use I.say(...) to log steps for reports

  • DONE saveBrowserLogs not working

  • DONE Implement test device settings

  • DONE Remove newlines from test titles

  • DONE Remove beforeEach afterEach from test titles

  • DONE Add timestamp to screenshots

  • DONE test.after.always does not work inBrowser

  • DONE successful afterEach should not overshadow a failure in the test

  • BUG: Match steps with string templates correctly

  • Add codecept command and parameters to screenshot

  • Extract tags (@...) from test titles

  • step stacktrace should be ignored in screenshot output

  • IDEA mustSucceedAfter(date) HOF to activate tests for features which are not yet live

  • IDEA Log structured data (like json) for reports

  • IDEA Supply factory function for page objects to enable inBrowser to refresh page objects with current version of I

  • Replace codeceptjs file upload with a version without global variables

  • Improve element highlighting: dont change highlighted element and if element can not be found add command to top of page

  • Add logs to report.json

  • Use webdriverio scrollTo function when taking the error screenshot

  • Remove from stacktraces: at WebDriverIO.wrapped [as see] (C:\Users\stefan.huber\projects\server-cons

  • Can I find out if an element is still being animated (to avoid situations like "Element ... is not clickable at point (46, 503). Other element would receive the click:


  • In a CI environment: How can we better detect serious problems and notify responsible people

  • Add test case examples to the README demonstrating the individual features

  • IDEA: Only save the last I.see... screenshot in a row

  • Try again: Make full page screenshots

  • Conditionally check for elements

  • Can now check for browser console errors

  • Improve element highlighting in screenshots

  • IDEA: Take screenshots also before button clicks (or make that configurable?)

  • Serve and watch output directory by http

  • Mark tests as critical and "fire event" (e. g. send http request) when test fails

  • Still problems creating screenshot directories (on windows in watch mode when visual studio code is running)

  • Need a cool full-text search to find tests efficiently

  • Extend Auto-Wait to all methods which are using selectors

  • Also save screenshots on failed ava assertions

  • Map codeceptjs assertion errors to ava assertion error

  • Suppport webdriverio errors

  • Convenience functions to login/cache login session (speed up login)

  • Store last successful screenshot and show on error compared with error screen

  • Integrate with a password/account manager software (e. g. passbolt)

  • Transparent page objects for multiple devices

  • Better when in headless mode: Would be nice if chrome would not steal the focus

  • Would be cool to integrate something like quokka