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🚀 aux4

Transform your messy scripts into a CLI

aux4 is a Command-line Interface (CLI) generator responsible for organizing and documenting the scripts you are using every day, by providing a simple interface it can transform a complex set of scripts into a powerful tool, very easy to use and perfect for sharing with your team.

Stop wasting time doing repetitive tasks

You are probably doing the same task multiple times in the day, like running few scripts for compiling, testing, deploying, sending messages, calling REST endpoints, or any other activity. It is time to automate your job, the few seconds you are spending on those tasks sum a few hours in the week.

Never copy and paste scripts again

If you are copying and pasting scripts, stop, you can use a Command-line Interface (CLI) and have it on hand anytime you need it. aux4 allows you to organize and document your scripts in minutes.

Get rid of your wiki pages

Do not write Wiki pages documenting how to use your scripts, aux4 shows very good documentation for every command, and it makes your complicated scripts look very simple and intuitive for the user.

Give it a try

You will figure out how this tool is a game-changer only after you start using it.


The full documentation is on aux4 page.

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