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A very simple wrapper around the OS X NSAutoreleasePool, for NodeJS.

This module offers dead-simple NSAutoreleasePool functionality. It's more likely meant for use by other Objective-C native modules, so that multiple autorelease pools don't have to be created constantly.

This module takes care of creating an NSAutoreleasePool the first time it's required that may be used automatically by any other Objective-C calls that require one.

It also hooks onto the process's 'exit' event in order to drain the shared autorelease pool at the last possible moment.

Dead-Simple Usage

// Takes care of setting up a shared NSAutoreleasePool

// Now do other things in Obj-C land and the runtime won't display
// the "no autorelease pool, just leaking" message.


If you, for some weird reason, need to create another NSAutoreleasePool instance, it's simple to do so:

var pool = new autoreleasepool.AutoreleasePool();

The most recent autoreleasepool in the call stack is the one used when creating new Objective-C objects with autorelease.

The only function available to the NSAutoreleasePool instance is drain(), which drains the autorelease pool, and should be called when the program is exiting.