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Automatiqal is a NodeJS package that helps automating the interactions with Qlik Repository API.

Automatiqal accepts formatted JSON objects as an input (more on it below) and process the described automation tasks.

For detailed documentation please check out the Wiki section

How to use

First install from npm:

npm install --save automatiqal

The following code demonstrates what a simple runbook looks like (certificate authentication)

The runbook will perform the following actions:

  • import qvf file
  • create new tag (if the tag already exists the code will ignore the error)
  • apply the new tag to the imported app
import { Automatiqal } from "automatiqal";
import * as https from "https";
import * as fs from "fs";

// read the certificates
const cert = fs.readFileSync(`path/to/client.pem`);
const key = fs.readFileSync(`path/to/client_key.pem`);

// create https agent, include the certificates
// and ignore any cert errors (like self-signed certificates)
const httpsAgentCert = new https.Agent({
  rejectUnauthorized: false,
  cert: cert,
  key: key,

// read the qvf file
const qvf = fs.readFileSync(`path/to/some.qvf`);

// define the runbook
const runBookConfig: IRunBook = {
  name: "My Runbook",
  description: "Example Automatiqal runbook with multiple tasks",
  edition: "windows",
  environment: {
    port: 4242,
    host: ``,
    authentication: {
      user_dir: `USER_DIR`,
      user_name: `userId`,
  tasks: [
      name: "Import application",
      operation: "app.upload",
      details: {
        name: "Automatiqal",
        file: qvf,
      name: "Create tag",
      operation: "tag.create",
      details: {
        name: "Automatiqal",
      onError: {
        ignore: true,
      name: "Tag application",
      operation: "app.update",
      filter: "name eq 'Automatiqal'",
      details: {
        tags: ["Automatiqal"],

const automatiqal = new Automatiqal(runBookConfig, httpsAgentCert);
const result = await;

Projects based on Automatiqal

Automatiqal can be used by itself and imported in any app/package via npm. But there are couple products, from Automatiqal "family" where this package is used:

  • Automatiqal CLI - describe the automation tasks in json/yaml file and the CLI will run the process
  • Automatiqal Runner (WIP) - long running process that is constantly monitoring specific folder and as soon as new (runbook) file appears there it will start processing it.

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