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autocombo less module from html to css


$ sudo npm install autocombo -g


you must modify config.json first. It just like this:

    "html": "/var/www/html", //html page path
    "less": "/var/www/less/page", // combo less path
    "css": "/var/www/css/page", // parser combo less to css path (if is null the same as combo less path)
    "minify": false // parser combo css minify option

In the HTML just like this:

        <!--[../gloabl, ../mod-test]-->
        <div class="mod-test"></div>

The result of combo less like this:

@charset "utf-8";
@import "../global";
@import "../mod-test";

At a glance:

$ autocombo [-w/--watch]

combo once:

$ autocombo

watch file change and combo real time:

$ autocombo -w/--watch

if you need help information:

$ autocombo -h/--help