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Quick start:

npm install For local runs use: npm run debug

On CI/CD you can use one of:

npm run test
npm run test:firefox
npm run test:ie

List of available default codeception steps methods:

Recommended to install Prettier vscode extension, to keep same formatting everywhere:


HTML report:

  • delete ./output folder first
  • run tests
  • after, run: npm run allure:serve This will start webserver with HTML report page.


It is recommended to install ESlint plugin, to get-real time style checks: dbaeumer.vscode-eslint

"I" extension:

Custom methods to I object (custom codeceptjs steps): PageObjects: DataDriven tests:

CucumberJS + CodeceptJS

Make sure you are installed recommended workspace extension for VScode:


This extension should enable syntax highlight for .feature files.



a. How to run all the specs?

npm run debug

b. How to run any specific spec?

npm run debug -- -o '{"gherkin": {"features": "./features/contract2.feature"}}'

To run one scenario:

  • Use grep feature: put "@ONLY" to scenario that you want to run Then:
npm run debug -- --grep "@ONLY"

c. How to run specs in parallel? Commands in:

npm run test
npm run test:firefox
npm run test:ie

Are running in parallel in 2 threads. This is configurable in config file:

    multiple: {
        parallel: {
            // Splits tests into 2 chunks
            chunks: 2

d. How to run tests with any specific (cucumber) tag?

Use --grep parameter to filter tests:

npm run debug -- --grep "@SMOKE"

codeceptjs CLI

Usage: codeceptjs <command> [options]

  -V, --version                                   output the version number
  -h, --help                                      output usage information

  init [path]                                     Creates dummy config in current dir or [path]
  migrate [path]                                  Migrate json config to js config in current dir or [path]
  shell|sh [options] [path]                       Interactive shell
  list|l [path]                                   List all actions for I.
  def [options] [path]                            Generates TypeScript definitions for all I actions.
  gherkin:init|bdd:init [options] [path]          Prepare CodeceptJS to run feature files.
  gherkin:steps|bdd:steps [options] [path]        Prints all defined gherkin steps.
  gherkin:snippets|bdd:snippets [options] [path]  Generate step definitions from steps.
  generate:test|gt [path]                         Generates an empty test
  generate:pageobject|gpo [path]                  Generates an empty page object
  generate:object|go [options] [path]             Generates an empty support object (page/step/fragment)
  generate:helper|gh [path]                       Generates a new helper
  run [options] [test]                            Executes tests
  run-rerun [options] [test]                      Executes tests in more than one test suite run
  run-workers [options] <workers>                 Executes tests in workers
  run-multiple [options] [suites...]              Executes tests multiple
  info [options] [path]                           Print debugging information concerning the local environment
  dry-run [options] [test]                        Prints step-by-step scenario for a test without actually running it




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