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This library is an unofficial plugin for the Aurelia platform and contains a simple but fully configurable notification service using humane-js. While all options of humane-js are available (instead of adding callbacks, promises are returned where applicable though), basic usage doesn't require more than adding a humane-js style or a custom humane-js-based style as specified below.

Note: aurelia i18n needs to be installed and configured. All notifications will get automatically translated. You can turn off translations, either generally in the optional plugin configuration, or for individual notifications.

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Used By

This library is used directly by applications only.

Platform Support

This library can be used in the browser only.


You can find the full api documentation in /doc/

The changelog provides you with information about important changes.


Aurelia-notification needs to have aurelia-i18n installed and configured.


Run npm i aurelia-notification --save from your project root.

Aurelia-notification makes use of extend and humane-js. So, add following to the build/bundles/dependencies section of aurelia-project/aurelia.json.

"dependencies": [
  // ...
    "name": "humane-js",
    "path": "../node_modules/humane-js",
    "main": "humane",
    "resources": [
  // ...


Run jspm i aurelia-notification from your project root.

And add following to the bundles.dist.aurelia.includes section of build/bundles.js:

 "humane-js/themes/jackedup.css!text",  // your selected humane-js theme

If the installation results in having forks, try resolving them by running:

jspm inspect --forks
jspm resolve --only registry:package-name@version


Run npm i aurelia-notification --save from your project root.

Add 'aurelia-notification' in the coreBundles.aurelia section of your webpack.config.js.


Npm-based installations pick up the typings automatically. For Jspm-based installations, run typings i github:spoonx/aurelia-notification or add "aurelia-notification": "github:spoonx/aurelia-notification", to your typings.json and run typings i.


Adding styles for humane-js

Either add your custom humane-js-based style or install humane-js with jspm i npm:humane-js to have some default styles to choose from. See the humane-js custom-themes for instructions to make a custom style.

Configuring the plugin

This module comes with an optional configure method to change the some defaults. You can call it upon registering the plugin.

Make sure your project uses a main.js file to initialize aurelia. In your configure function, add the following:

  /* Your other plugins and init code */
  .plugin('aurelia-notification', config => {
      translate: false,  // 'true' needs aurelia-i18n to be configured
      notifications: {
        'success': 'humane-libnotify-success',
        'error': 'humane-libnotify-error',
        'info': 'humane-libnotify-info'


Import the module, and get cracking.

import {inject} from 'aurelia-framework';
import {Notification} from 'aurelia-notification';
/* import a humane-js style or a custom humane-js-based style.
 * For the four default notification types to display correctly, also set the
 * corresponding classes in the plugin configuration (see example above).
 import "humane-js/themes/libnotify.css!";
export class SomeViewModel {
  constructor (notification) {
    notification.success('Record created successfully');
    notification.error('Record creation failed');'New message');


Some month ago, we've simplified installation and usage! This plugin should now be installed using jspm i aurelia-notification or (for webpack) npm i aurelia-notification. With this change aurelia-notification will use an npm installation of humane-js. Make sure you update all references to spoonx/aurelia-notification and, if applicable to wavded/humane-js, remove the spoonx/ resp. wavded/ prefixes (don't forget your config.js, package.json, imports and bundles).

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