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The world's smallest and fastest classical JavaScript inheritance pattern, augment, is a seven line function which allows you to write CoffeeScript style classes with a flair of simplicity; and it still beats the bejesus out of other JavaScript inheritance libraries.

Inspired by giants like Jeremy Ashkenas and John Resig, augment is an augmentation of ideas. Classes created using augment have a CoffeeScript-like class structure, and a syntax like John Resig's classes; but they are more readable, intuitive and orders of magnitude faster. In addition they work on virtually every JavaScript platform.


  1. You can install augment on node.js using the npm command npm install augment.
  2. You can install augment on RingoJS using the rp command rp install augment.
  3. You can install augment for web apps using the component command component install javascript/augment.
  4. You can install augment for web apps using the bower command bower install augment.


  1. You can use augment as a CommonJS module:

    var augment = require("augment"); // module.exports must be supported
  2. You can use augment with the AMD API:

    define(["augment"], function (augment) {
        // ....
  3. You can include the latest copy in your web pages, fiddles and benchmarks:

    <script src=""></script>
  4. You can browse the source code and stick it into your program.

Manual Pages

  1. Getting Started
  2. Classical Inheritance
  3. Prototypal Inheritance


The augment library is released under the MIT license. So feel free to modify and distribute it as you wish.

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