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    Play sounds using Web Audio, fallback on HTML5 Audio. AudioManager is specifically designed to works for games that have a big quantity of audio assets. Loading and unloading is made easy and transparent.

    Install with NPM


    // initialisation
    var audioManager = new AudioManager(channelIds);
    audioManager.setVolume(channelId, volume);
    // play simple sound
    audioManager.playSound(channelId, soundId, volume, panoramic, pitch);
    // sound group
    audioManager.createSoundGroups(soundGroupDefs, channelId);
    audioManager.createSoundGroup(soundGroupId, soundGroupDef, muted);
    audioManager.playSoundGroup(channelId, groupId, volume, panoramic, pitch);
    // loop
    audioManager.playLoopSound(channelId, soundId, volume);
    // release memory


    Create audioManager object and channels

    Pass the list of channels to the constructor as an array of strings.

    var channels = ['music', 'sfx', 'ui'];
    var audioManager = new AudioManager(channels);

    Setup audioManager path to sound assets folder

    audioManager.settings.audioPath = 'assets/audio/';

    Start audio engine.

    To work correctly on iOS, this must be called on an user interaction e.g. user pressing a button. (C.f. this page to understand how this work.)

    gameStartButton.on('tap', function () {

    Set channel volume

    By default, channel volume is set to 0 and channel is muted. No sounds will play until channel volume is set.

    var volume = 1.0; // volume is a float in range ]0..1]
    audioManager.setVolume('ui', volume);

    Create and play a simple sound.

    Create a sound and playing it in a channel. Sound is created and loaded automatically.

    var fileName = 'laser1';
    audioManager.playSound('sfx', fileName);
    // volume and panoramic can be set optionally
    var volume    = 0.7; // volume is a float in range ]0..1]
    var panoramic = 0.9; // panoramic is a float in range [-1..1], 0 is the center
    audioManager.playSound('sfx', fileName, volume, panoramic);

    Sounds creation and preloading can be forced.


    Alternatively, sounds can be played outside channels.

    var sound = audioManager.createSound(fileName);, panoramic, pitch); // all parameters are optional.

    Detect playback end

    An onEnd callback function can be set to be triggered everytime the playback ends. Set it back to null to remove it.

    sound.onEnd = function () {
        console.log('sound playback ended');
        sound.onEnd = null;

    Change pitch

    This feature is only available with WebAudio.

    var pitch = -7.0; // in semi-tone

    The pitch can be set at play.

    audioManager.playSound('ui', fileName, volume, panoramic, pitch);

    While a sound is playing, the pitch can be changed dynamically

    var portamento = 3.0;
    sound.setPitch(pitch, portamento);

    Create and play sound groups.

    A sound group is a collection of sounds that will play alternatively in a round-robin pattern on each play call.

    var soundGroupDef = {
        id:  ['punch1', 'punch2'],
        vol: [1.0, 0.8],
        pitch: [0.0]
    audioManager.createSoundGroups('punch', soundGroupDef);
    var volume    = 0.8; // volume is a float in range ]0..1]
    var panoramic = 0.3; // panoramic is a float in range [-1..1], 0 is the center
    var pitch     = 3.0; // in semi-tone
    audioManager.playSoundGroup('sfx', 'punch', volume, panoramic, pitch);

    You can create several sound groups in one function call

    var soundGroupDefs = {
        groupId1: { id: ['sound1', 'sound2'], vol: [1.0, 0.8], pitch: [0.0] },
        groupId2: { ... },
    audioManager.createSoundGroups(soundGroupDefs, 'sfx');

    Play and stop looped sounds

    Only one loop can play per channel. Playing a new looped sound in the same channel will stop current playing sound before starting new one.

    var volume   = 1.0; // volume is a float in range ]0..1]
    var fileName = 'bgm1';
    audioManager.playLoopSound('music', fileName, volume);
    audioManager.stopLoopSound('music'); // stop looped sound in channel 'music'
    audioManager.stopAllLoopSounds();    // stop all looped sounds in all channel

    How looped sound fades and mixes can be set by modifying audioManager settings:

    audioManager.settings.defaultFade = 3;    // value in second
    audioManager.settings.crossFade   = true; // default is false

    Release memory


    Custom loader function

    audioManager.settings.getFileUri can be overriden if you want more control on how to resolve files uri from sound id. The function have one on the following synchronous or asynchronous profile:

    function getFileUriSync(audioPath, id) {
        var uri;
        // ...
        return uri;
    function getFileUriAsync(audioPath, id, callback) {
        var uri;
        var error = null;
        // ...
        return callback(error, uri);

    For instance, here's how you can add wizAssets to cache files on disc in a PhoneGap application:

    if (window.wizAssets) {
        audioManager.settings.getFileUri = function wizAssetsGetUri(audioPath, id, cb) {
            window.wizAssets.downloadFile(audioPath + id + '.mp3', 'audio/' + id + '.mp3', 
                function onSuccess(uri) {
                    cb(null, uri)
                cb // onFail callback


    npm i audio-manager

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