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Generates a function to produce FormData objects based on a given HTML form.

Try it

You can try this in your browser at [try it.html] (

Where do I get it?

You can download it from github at [] ( or, if you have node installed you can get it from npm

npm install atropa-formdata-generator


In Browser

Using this module in your browser is as simple as including it in your page. See [example.html] ( in the root directory of this package.

// include atropa-formdata-generator.js in your page.
// generate a function that accepts a single options object.
var takesOptions = formdataGenerator(
    document.forms[0], // the form to process
    'myFormDataFunction', // the name for your generated function
    true // whether to use a single options arg, or to use many named args.
// generate a function that takes named parameters.
var takesNames = formdataGenerator(


Documentation is in the docs/jsdoc folder. Visual Studio intellisense files are in docs/vsdocs