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Install node modules for atom-shell applications. This is needed because native node modules used by atom-shell need to be compiled against a forked version of node.js.


npm install atom-node-module-installer


installNodeModules = require('atom-node-module-installer')
installNodeModules(appPath, atomShellVersion, npmCachePath, [options])

Returns: an ES6 Promise.

appPath: A string containing the path where the atom-shell application is located.

atomShellVersion: A string containing the atom-shell version to compile against (example: '0.16.2') versions can be found

npmCachePath: A string containing a path to store an atom-shell specific npm cache (example: './.atom-npm')

options: An optional object containing a debug key. Used if a debug version of a native module is needed.


There are no tests... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

To build publish the module run the default gulp command.