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Atma.js Libraries

Package contains different build-types for NodeJS and Browsers

Included libraries:

  • class
  • include
  • mask
  • ruta
  • arr
  • utils

Included components:

  • layout
  • mask.animation


For now all builds differs in the way they export the libraries - globals, namespace(atma), or CommonJS.

    // Namespace 
    // CommonJS 
    var libs = require('atma-libs/exports');
    // Globals 

These are minified source. To load development versions use:



Browser versions can be found in browser/ directory.


To make the custom build, this repository should be cloned into the same folder as all atma libraries:

- atma_folder/
  |-- mask/
  |-- include/
  |-- class/
  |-- ruta/
  |-- ruqq/
  |-- compos/
  |-- atma.libs/

(c) 2014 MIT - Atma.js Project