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Atlas 🌍

A whole world of documentation.

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What? 🌎

zero-config, pretty, highly discoverable atlas of all your documentation.

Write your docs as usual close to their relevant components and then generate from any* level!

*Works great with monorepos!

How? 🌏

Conventions! No config.

Anything under a docs directory (anywhere) is consumed

  • Special file can live as a sibling to docs (it acts as the index file)
  • Special treatment of .md, .js and .html files
    • Write .md as if it was just living in GitHub
    • Write .js exporting a React component to render
    • Write .html as far as your imagination takes you
  • Other files are discoverable (eg. .png, .pdf etc.)
  • Underscore prefixed _files.ext and _dirs are ignored
  • If you reference files outside of docs we'll pull those in too!
  • More special files to provide as much meta data in your docs as we can and reduce duplication
    • package.json
    • LICENSE.x

How do I customise anything?

  • _layout.js


  • Bugs? Please submit a Pull Request with a test which breaks.
  • Ideas? Open an issue and let's chat! :)

For more details on all contributions see


Apache 2.0