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AtCoder command line tools

  • get contest information
  • create a project directory for contests
    • auto provisioning with custom templates
  • linkage with online-judge-tools
    • submit your code without specified URL
    • auto downloading of sample inputs/outputs



online-judge-tools (optional, but recommended)


$ npm install -g atcoder-cli


$ acc login # login your atcoder account
$ acc session # check login status
$ # your login session will be saved to a local file, but your password won't be saved
$ # to delete the session file, use `acc logout`
$ acc new abc001 # "abc001/" directory will be created
$ cd abc001/
$ acc contest # show the contest information
$ acc tasks # show task list
$ acc add
$ cd a/
$ vim main.cpp # write your solution
$ acc submit main.cpp # to use submit function, you have to install online-judge-tools

To get detailed information, use

$ acc [COMMAND] -h


$ acc config -h
$ acc config # show all global options
$ acc config <key> <value> # set option
$ cd `acc config-dir`
$ cat config.json # global config file

Provisioning Templates

With using custom templates, you can automatically prepare your template program code or build environment.

When you create new task directories, atcoder-cli can do:

  • place the scaffold program file
  • copy static files
  • exec shell command

show available templates:

$ acc templates

use the template:

$ acc new|add --template <your-template-name>

Or you can set default template:

$ acc config default-template <your-template-name>

Create a new template

$ cd `acc config-dir`
$ mkdir <your-template-name>
$ cd <your-template-name>
$ vim template.json # write your template settings

Options in template.json

  "task": {
    "program": ["main.cpp", ["foo.cpp", "{TaskID}.cpp"]],
    "submit": "main.cpp",
    "static": ["foo", ["bar","bar_{TaskLabel}"]],
    "testdir": "tests_{TaskID}",
    "cmd": "echo Hi!"
  "contest": {
    "static": [["gitignore", ".gitignore"]],
    "cmd": "echo Ho!"

"task" (required)

executed for each tasks.

"program" (required)
"program": (string | [string, string])[]

Your main program(s). Place main.cpp in the same directory of template.json, and write

  "program": ["main.cpp"]

then the program file will be copied to the task directory.

You can rename the file with format strings:

  "program": [["main.cpp", "{TaskId}.cpp"]] 

The file name of the program file will be "A.cpp" if the task is problem A.

To get detailed information about format strings, use acc format -h.

"submit" (required)
  "submit": string

The file name to submit. It enables to omit the filename argument to submit file, so you can run acc submit instead of acc submit <filename>.

Format strings are supported.

"static" (optional)
"static": (string | [string, string])[]

Static assets. The difference between "program" and "static" is:

  • "program" files won't be overwrited when using acc add --force.
  • "static" files will be overwrited when using acc add --force.
"testdir" (optional)
  "testdir": string

The name of the directory that sample cases will be downloaded. Without this, the directory name will be the value of acc config default-test-dirname-format.

Format strings are supported.

"cmd" (optional)
  "cmd": string

After copying files and downloading sample cases, the specified command will be executed.

The working directory is the task directory.

Parameters are given as enviromental variables:

contest (optional)

executed only once when acc new command runs.

"static" (optional)

Same as tasks.static.

"cmd" (optional)

Same as tasks.cmd, but $TASK_* variables do not exist.

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