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@ is simple string interpolation for HTML.


npm install at


var at = require('at');
var template = at.compile('@(data.subject) is simplish!');
template({subject: '@'}) // @ is simplish! 

Template syntax

If there’s an @ at the beginning of a line (excluding tabs and spaces at the beginning of a line), it’s treated as code. For example:

@ if (false) {
    <p>Strange things are happening.</p>
@ } else {
    <p>Oh, good.</p>
@ }

Outside of those code blocks, @(…) sections are treated as expressions and inserted as text, escaped as HTML. For raw HTML, use @!(…). It even counts parentheses, so you can do things like this:

Operator precedence! <code>(5 + 3) * (2 + 8) = @((5 + 3) * (2 + 8))</code>

If you have an ambiguity with @( appearing at the start of a line that should be a code block, just put a space between them:

@ (odd + prototypes).whatever();