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    Use fetch asynchronously for requests within React components.


    $ npm i async-fetch


    Provide your request config and handle the response.

    import React from "react";
    import useAsyncFetch from "async-fetch";
    const App = () => {
      const { pending, data, error, sendRequest, cancelRequest } = useAsyncFetch(
      return (
          <button onClick={sendRequest}>Send request.</button>
          <br />
          <br />
          <button onClick={cancelRequest} disabled={!pending}>
            Cancel request.
          <br />
          <br />
            ? "Loading..."
            : data
            ? JSON.stringify(data)
            : error
            ? "Error: " + error.toString()
            : ""}
    export default App;

    Available IN Props And Definitions

    The minimum requirement for the hook is either a url string or an object with a url property. It is assumed that any other property that's provided is to be used for the actual fetch.

    Key Type Definition Default
    url String URL to send request to.
    query Object Query parameters to include in the request (alt key name: "params").
    data Object Data object to include in the request body.
    parser String Method used to parse the response. "json"
    onStart Function Callback function to run before the request is sent.
    onSuccess Function Callback function to run after the response has been parsed. The parsed response is available in the callback.
    onFail Function Callback function to run when the request responds with an error. The error is available in the callback.
    onFinish Function Callback function to run after the request has completed, regardless of success or failure.
    deps Array Dependency array for the useEffect. []
    ignore Boolean Condition where if true the request won't send unless called using the sendRequest OUT property.
    poll Number Time interval (in milliseconds) for polling.

    Available OUT Props And Definitions

    Key Type Definition
    pending Boolean Whether the request is active or not.
    error Any The response error.
    data Any The response data.
    sendRequest Function Function to send the request manually.
    cancelRequest Function Function to cancel the request manually.


    npm i async-fetch

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