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    Asymmetric Time Based One Time Password

    Current OTP solutions require the sever and user to keep a shared secret as a seed. That way both parties can generate the same OTP based on the current time. This is a solution using an asymmetric key pair, meaning only the user needs the secret, and anyone with the public key can valid the OTP. The idea is to store the public key on an identity located on the blockchain, allowing for someone to use 2 factor authentication similar to Google Autenticator.

    How to use BIP32 and TOTP

    Existing TOTP relies on a symmetric (shared) secret, the goal is to create an asymmetric version of TOTP. To do this we will use BIP32 to verify secret keys generated via signatures on timestamps.

    We can do this by distributing the extended public key, meaning anyone can now derive this identity’s public keys. In order to keep things user friendly, a mobile app can be used by users to store the private seed, similar to google authenticator.

    When verifying an account online, existing solutions of requiring a password would still apply, and this could act as a second factor of authentication. The difficulties of using this app is that a signature is much longer than the typical TOTP sequence (4-6 numbers). To overcome this, the easiest action would be to have the app talk directly to the site over an API. The mobile app will generate the private key (m/SITEID/UNIX_TIME_MINS) and sign the current time minute, and send it to the site. The site will derive the public key based off of the current time (m/SITEID/UNIX_TIME_MINS) and verify the signature, granting access.

    This means both parties can generate the asymmetric keys used in the signature process. Instead of signing the time, the user could input some site generated value hashed with the time to generate a larger message digest to be signed. This process would also mean the signed value would be valid for at least 1 minute, plus whatever slippage should be allowed (1min in this implementation). Existing practices about clock syncing would also have to be used (already done in TOTP).

    Sequence Diagram

    If an app was made similar to google authenicator, it would work like such:

    UML Sequence Diagram Img


    This is not intended for production use. A quickly put together proof of concept


    A random mnemonic can be obained from randomMnemonic()


    As normal

    var asymtotp = require('asymtotp')


    Include dist/asymtotp.js

    <script src="dist/asymtotp.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var mnemonic = asymtotp.randomMnemonic()
        // ...

    Generating the public/private root

    // User generates and keeps the menemonic secret
    var mnemonic = 'yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow'
    // Never reveal this, keep it secure by user
    var secret = new asymtotp.AsymTOTPSecret(mnemonic)
    // This can be revealed to the world. We will talk how to export
    var public = new asymtotp.AsymTOTPPublic.fromSecret(secret)
    // Export Public
    var exportedPub = public.toBase58()
    // Importing Public
    public =  = new asymtotp.AsymTOTPPublic.fromBase58(exportedPublic)

    Getting the OTP and verifying

    Client side (secret stuff) -- Generating OTP

    var mnemonic = asymtotp.randomMnemonic()
    var secret = new asymtotp.AsymTOTPSecret(mnemonic)
    // Each site has an ID, we will assign the site_id to 10. Both the site
    // and user need to use the same ID
    var site_id = 10
    // Get OTP
    var sig = s.getOTP(site_id)
    // Export the signature
    var exportedOTP = asymtotp.signatueToHex(sig)

    Server Side -- Verify OTP

    // Need the public root
    var public = new asymtotp.AsymTOTPPublic.fromBase58(exportedPublic)
    // Need the same site_id
    var site_id = 10
    if (public.verifyOTP(site_id, asymtotp.hexToSignature(exportedOTP)) {
        // Successful verify
    } else {
        // OTP is invalid


    npm i asymtotp

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