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asweb-shortener (Azure Static Web app shortener)

Uses Azure Static Web App's redirect functionality to make a personal URL shortener. It is heavily based on Netifly-URLShortener

The problem

You want a URL shortener for your custom domain and you want an easy way to create and update URLs but you don't want to pay hundreds of dollars a year.

This solution

This relies on Azure Static Web App staticwebapp.config.json file for building a super simple URL shortener where the URLs are managed on GitHub and Azure Static Web App handles the redirecting for you.

The solution is heavily build upon netlify by Kent C. Dodds.


This module is distributed via [npm][npm] which is bundled with [node][node] and should be installed as one of your project's dependencies:

npm install --save asweb-shortener


Your project should have a staticwebapp.config.json file that looks like this:

// example
  "routes": [
      "route": "/me",
      "redirect": "",
      "statusCode": "301"
  "navigationFallback": {
    "rewrite": "index.html",
    "exclude": ["/images/*.{png,jpg,gif}", "/css/*"]
  "responseOverrides": {},
  "globalHeaders": {
    "content-security-policy": "default-src https: 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline'; object-src 'none'"

This module exposes a binary that you should use in your package.json scripts. You also need to add

  • a homepage to your package.json
  • a config setion to specify your appLocation (defaults to src)
  "homepage": "",
  "config": {
    "appLocation": "src"
  "scripts": {
    "shorten": "asweb-shortener"

Then you can run:

npm run shorten # simply formats your _redirects file
npm run shorten # generates a short code and adds it for you
npm run shorten gh # adds gh as a short URL for you

The asweb-shortener does a few things:

  1. generates a short code if one is not provided
  2. validates your URL is a real URL
  3. adds the URL to the routes section of _redirects
  4. runs a git commit and push (this will trigger your Azure Static Web App CI/CD to deploy your new redirect)
  5. Copies the short URL to your clipboard

This introduces some delay as the rebuild needs to be pushed.

Shell Function

If you want to be able to run this anywhere in the terminal, you can try making a custom function for your shell.

Shell Agnostic

  1. Add the following [executable definition][npm-bin] to your package.json:
    {"bin": {"shorten": "cli.js"}}
  2. Create the cli.js file:
    #!/usr/bin/env node
  3. From your project directory, run the following to register the command globally:
    npm link




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