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Astro + Netlify CMS

Add Netlify CMS’s admin dashboard to any Astro project


npm i astro-netlify-cloudinary

What is this?

This is an integration for the Astro site builder, which adds support for Netlify CMS, an open-source, Git-based content management system.

Adding the integration will:

  • Add the Netlify CMS dashboard at /admin (or another route if you prefer)
  • Inject Netlify’s Identity Widget across your site to support logging in to the admin app
  • Run a local proxy server in dev mode to allow local content updates via the CMS

Usually each of these requires individual set up and configuration. Using this integration, you configure your CMS once in astro.config.mjs, sit back, and enjoy!

Looking for a quick way to get started? Try out the Blog Starter with Netlify CMS →


Adding the integration

To add Netlify CMS to your project, import and use the integration in your Astro config file, adding it to the integrations array.

// astro.config.mjs

import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';
import NetlifyCMS from 'astro-netlify-cloudinary';

export default defineConfig({
  integrations: [
      config: {
        backend: {
          name: 'git-gateway',
          branch: 'main',
        collections: [
          // Content collections

Configuration options

You can pass an options object to the integration to configure how it behaves.


Type: string
Default: '/admin'

Determines the route where the Netlify CMS admin dashboard will be available on your site.

Feeling nostalgic for WordPress? You could set this to '/wp-admin'!


Type: CmsConfig

This option is required. It allows you to configure Netlify CMS with the same options you would use when using Netlify CMS’s config.yml file format.

You can see a full list of configuration options in the Netlify CMS docs.

At a minimum, you must set the backend and collections options:

config: {
  // Use Netlify’s “Git Gateway” authentication and target our default branch
  backend: {
    name: 'git-gateway',
    branch: 'main',
  collections: [
    // Define a blog post collection
      name: 'posts',
      label: 'Blog Posts',
      folder: 'src/pages/posts',
      create: true,
      delete: true,
      fields: [
        { name: 'title', widget: 'string', label: 'Post Title' },
        { name: 'body', widget: 'markdown', label: 'Post Body' },


Type: Array<string | [string, { raw: true }]>

Sets custom CSS styles to apply in the Netlify CMS preview pane.

You can provide URLs to external CSS stylesheets (Google Fonts for example), paths to local CSS files in your project, or even raw CSS strings:

previewStyles: [
  // Path to a local CSS file, relative to your project’s root directory
  // An npm module identifier
  // A URL to an externally hosted CSS file
  // Raw CSS!
  ['p { color: red; }', { raw: true }],


Type: boolean
Default: false

By default, astro-netlify-cloudinary injects Netlify’s Identity Widget across your site to enable authentication. If you only want to inject the widget on the admin route, you can set disableIdentityWidgetInjection: true.


  • Support registering custom preview components to render content as it is edited.
  • Support registering custom block components for use in the Markdown editor.

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