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    Deploy your server-side rendered (SSR) Astro app to Firebase.

    Use this adapter in your Astro configuration file, alongside a valid deployment URL:

    import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';
    import firebase from 'astro-firebase';
    export default defineConfig({
      adapter: firebase(),

    After you build your site the functions/ folder will contain your Firebase Function that runs Astro.

    Now you can deploy!

    firebase deploy



    Firebase Functions requires your functions/ folder to contain a package.json. We create a default package.json based on the package.json in your root. If you want to override some options, like for example the node version that Firebase should use, you can configure the packageJson property.

    import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';
    import firebase from 'astro-firebase';
    export default defineConfig({
      adapter: firebase({
        packageJson: {
          engines: {
            node: '18'


    403 Error: Forbidden Your client does not have permission to get URL / from this server

    If you're getting a 403 after deploying your project, it could be the case that you have to change the permissions of your Firebase Function. You can do this by following these steps:

    • Go to your Firebase Console
      • Select your firebase project
      • Select Functions in the menu on the left
      • Hover over your handler function in the Functions list in the Dashboard, a three-dotted menu button should appear, click it
      • Click Detailed usage stats, this will take you to Google Cloud Platform
        • Click the permissions tab
        • Click + ADD
        • in the New principals field, enter: "allUsers"
        • in the Select a role menu, enter: Cloud Functions -> Cloud Functions Invoker
        • Done

    You should now be able to view your app.


    npm i astro-firebase

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