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A* Pathing implementation for NodeJS in Coffeescript

(Forked from bgrins' awesome Javascript implementation via MIT License)

Uses a Binary Heap for speeeeeed!

Note: This is just the server-side code to get a* pathing working in NodeJS. If you want the client-side code, check out bgrins' library here:


npm install astar


Create the Graph:

Graph = (require 'astar').Graph # This a* implementation uses a graph

graph = new Graph 10

Search the Graph: # Starting point x = 0 y = 1

# Ending point
end_x = 8
end_y = 9

graph.path x, y, end_x, end_y, (path) ->
  # Do stuff with the path here or do a callback path to use it elsewhere

Add some walls: # We want a wall at 5, 6 x = 5 y = 6

graph.set 5, 6 ->

To run the tests npm install

cake tests#