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This web app allows to broadcast a slideshow synchronously to multiple clients with a classroom clicker in the form of questions and answers which can be added in between slides.

About The Name

ASQ stands for Answer, Slide, Question. It is the core concept of this app, where you have a Slide followed by a Question where you submit your answer and finaly the correct Answer is given. The three initials: S, Q, A reorganized give ASQ.
This was an idea from Max.

About This Project

This project is part of the group project from the Faculty of Informatics of the Università della Svizzera italian for the course Software Atelier III: Web 2.0 technologies by Prof. Cesare Pautasso.

The group project is one of the key aspect of this course and consist of building a web 2.0 application in a group of 3 or 4 students.

The Teaching Assistant (TA) assigned to this project is Vassilis Triglianos.

This project is open-source but for the time being we will not allow external participations as this project is part of a graded evaluation.


Technologies Used

Browser Support

Currently we will focus on supporting Google Chrome and Chromium. We might support Firefox in the future but this will not be a priority.
Please note that browser support depends also on impress.js.


See the changelog here.