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The Assembler for the 8bit CPUs


$ npm install asm80 -g


$ asm80 [options] filename

Assembles given the file, e.g. test.z80, into two files: test.hex (binary) and test.lst (listing).

Filename has to be the last parameter.

Options are:

  • -o, --output <file> Output file name
  • -t, --type <type> Output type [default: hex]. Available types are: hex, srec, com (for CP/M), sna, tap (for ZX Spectrum), prg (for C64)
  • -n, --nolist Suppress listing (.lst file)
  • -m, --machine <type> Processor type, one of the following: Z80, I8080, C6502, C65816, CDP1802, M6800, M6809
  • -h, --help See HELP

Machine type can be omitted. Right CPU is determined by file name extension (-m option overrides this decision).

  • Intel 8080: .A80
  • Zilog Z80: .Z80
  • Motorola 6800: .A68
  • Motorola 6809: .A09
  • MOS 6502: .A65
  • WDC 65816: .816
  • CDP 1802: .A18

Format, directives etc.

See ASM80 GitBook for further information.

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More info

See for more info

or for online IDE, based on this assembler


  • 1.0.4: Documentation moved to GitBooks
  • 1.0.3: Directives .pstr, .cstr and .istr added
  • 1.0.0: Typos fixed, all Codacy needs achieved etc.
  • 0.9.11: Incbin fixed
  • 0.9.10: Manual reference added
  • 0.9.9: First working version