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AshleshaJS is a framework based on Express and YUI3. It helps build high performance, maintainable single page web applications based on best practices.

With AshleshaJS you design your HTTP API first and then build a web application as a set of independent resuable components. Even thought AshleshaJS lets you build single page applications it also provides incremental enhancement support which means for the browsers (and crawlers) not supporting Javascript the application still serves pages though with degraded features.


AshleshaJS requires NodeJS >=0.6.0, REDIS and CouchDB to be present on the machine.

Run the following command to install AshleshaJS

npm install ashleshajs -g

This will install the framework as global module.

- mkdir myapp
- npm install ashleshajs
- cd myapp
- node ashleshajs app

This will generate an application in the directory app. Then you can build the app.

- node ashleshajs build  
- node ashleshajs server

This will start the server on port 8888.

Visit http://localhost:8888/ to visit the web app.


The main application file is config.js

There are three types of configuration objects.

  • Configuration that resides only on server
  • Configuration that resides only on client
  • Configuration that is common to both