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Generates ASCII-only JSON with escaped non-ASCII chracters.


    npm install ascii-json


    var asciiJSON = require('ascii-json');

See if a string is all ASCII or not

    asciiJSON.isAscii("this is all ASCII"); // true
    asciiJSON.isAscii("this is not 에스키"); // false

Escape non-ASCII strings

    console.log(asciiJSON.escapeNonAsciis('this is not 에스키'));

    // output: this is not \uc5d0\uc2a4\ud0a4"

Stringify object with non-ASCII property value

    troublemaker = {
      ascii: "hello world",
      nonascii: "안녕하세요"
    asciiOnly = asciiJSON.stringify(troublemaker);

    // output: {"ascii":"hello world","nonascii":"\uc548\ub155\ud558\uc138\uc694"}