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    CLI tool and library that can patch and encrypt your asar file to protect it from extraction (e.g by executing asar extract). This is not bulletproof, but can be useful as a first level of protection.


    Install as local library: $ npm install --save-dev asarmor

    Install as global CLI app: $ npm install -g asarmor



    $ asarmor --help
    Usage: asarmor [options]
      -V, --version                  output the version number
      -a, --archive <archive>        input asar file (required)
      -o, --output <output>          output asar file (required)
      -b, --backup                   create backup
      -r, --restore                  restore backup
      -bl, --bloat [gigabytes]       add huge random files to disk on extraction attempt
      -t, --trashify [junkfiles...]  add fake files to the archive
      -e, --encrypt <src>            encrypt file contents
      -ek, --key <file path>         key file to use for encryption
      -h, --help                     display help for command
      $ asarmor -a app.asar -o asarmor.asar --bloat 1000
      $ asarmor -a app.asar -o asarmor.asar --trashify bee-movie.txt foo.js bar.ts
      $ asarmor -a app.asar -o asarmor.asar --trashify --backup
      $ asarmor -a app.asar --restore


    const asarmor = require('asarmor');
    const { encrypt } = require('asarmor/encryption');
    (async () => {
      // Encrypt the contents of the asar archive.
      await encrypt({
        src: './dist',     // source or transpiled code to encrypt
        dst: './app.asar', // target asar file
      // Read & parse the (optionally encrypted) asar file.
      // This can take a while depending on the size of your file.
      const archive = await'app.asar');
      // Create a backup, which can be restored at any point in time through CLI or code.
      await archive.createBackup({backupPath: '~/Documents/backups/app.asar.backup'});
      // Apply customized trash patch.
      // The trash patch by itself will make sure `asar extract` fails.
        filenames: ['foo', 'bar'],
        beforeWrite: (filename) => {
          const extensions = ['js', 'ts', 'tsx', 'txt'];
          const extension = extensions[Math.floor(Math.random() * extensions.length)];
          return filename + '.' + extension;
      // Apply customized bloat patch.
      // The bloat patch by itself will write randomness to disk on extraction attempt.
      archive.patch(asarmor.createBloatPatch(50)); // adds 50 GB of bloat in total
      // Write changes back to disk.
      const outputPath = await archive.write('app.asar');
      console.log('successfully wrote changes to ' + outputPath);


    const asarmor = require('asarmor');
    (async () => {
      const archive = await'app.asar');
      // Apply a fully customized patch.
      // Play around with the different values to see what works best for you.
        header: {
          files: {
            'foo.js': {offset: 0, size: -999},
            'bar.js': {offset: -123, size: 1337},
      // Write result back to file.
      await archive.write('protected.asar');


    You can easily include asarmor in your packaging process using an afterPack hook:

    const asarmor = require('asarmor');
    const { join } = require("path");
    exports.default = async ({ appOutDir, packager }) => {
      try {
        const asarPath = join(packager.getResourcesDir(appOutDir), 'app.asar');
        console.log(`asarmor applying patches to ${asarPath}`);
        const archive = await;
        archive.patch(); // apply default patches
        await archive.write(asarPath);
      } catch (err) {


    Asarmor now finally supports file content encryption. No Electron recompilation required! Huge thanks to toyobayashi's wonderful electron-asar-encrypt-demo for making this possible. I won't be going into too many details on how this works exactly. If you're interested in the details I higly recommend you to check out the electron-asar-encrypt-demo repository.

    There's a few more steps involved to make this work, though. See example/electron if you'd like to skip ahead to the code.


    1. Update afterPack.js:
    exports.default = async ({ appOutDir, packager }) => {
      try {
    +   const asarPath = join(packager.getResourcesDir(appOutDir), 'app.asar');
    +   // encrypt file contents first
    +   const src = join(, 'release', 'app');
    +   const dst = asarPath;
    +   console.log(`asarmor encrypting contents of ${src} to ${dst}`);
    +   await encrypt({
    +     // path to your source code (e.g. src, build or dist)
    +     src,
    +     // destination asar file to write to
    +     dst,
    +     // path to the encryption key file; asarmor should generate a new one every time it's installed as a dev-dependency.
    +     keyFilePath: join(__dirname, '..', 'node_modules', 'asarmor', 'src', 'encryption', 'key.txt'),
    +   });
    +   // then patch the header
    -   const asarPath = join(packager.getResourcesDir(appOutDir), 'app.asar');
        console.log(`asarmor applying patches to ${asarPath}`);
        const archive = await;
        archive.patch(); // apply default patches
        await archive.write(asarPath);
      } catch (err) {
    1. Create beforePack.js:
    const { join } = require('path');
    const { copyFile } = require('fs/promises');
    exports.default = async (context) => {
      try {
        console.log('copying native dependencies');
        const release = join(__dirname, '..', 'node_modules', 'asarmor', 'Release');
        // copy main.node from asarmor to our dist/build/release folder; this will become the entrypoint later on.
        await copyFile(
          join(release, 'main.node'),
        // copy renderer.node to our dist/build/release folder; the render process will be bootstrapped from the main process later on.
        await copyFile(
          join(release, 'renderer.node'),
      } catch (err) {

    Don't forget to update package.json as well:

    "afterPack": "./afterPack.js",
    + "beforePack": "./beforePack.js",
    1. Update your project's package.json entrypoint:
    + "main": "./dist/main/main.node",
    - "main": "./dist/main/main.js",
    1. Load any hooks at the start of the main process file (optional):
    // main.ts
    import { hookNodeModulesAsar } from 'asarmor/src/encryption/hooks';
    // load hooks at the start of the file
    hookNodeModulesAsar(); // enables resolution of non-encrypted dependencies from node_modules.asar
    1. Update your BrowserWindow.webPreferences configuration settings:
    const mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
        // ...
        webPreferences: {
          nodeIntegration: true,   // MUST BE ENABLED
          contextIsolation: false, // MUST BE DISABLED
    1. Bootstrap the render process:
    await mainWindow.webContents.executeJavaScript(`!function () {
    1. Export a default function in the main process, accepting the decryption key as a paramater.
    module.exports = function bootstrap(k: Uint8Array) {
      // sanity check
      if (!Array.isArray(k) || k.length === 0) {
        throw new Error('Failed to bootstrap application.');
      // key should be valid at this point, but you can access it here to perform additional checks.
      console.log('decryption key: ' + k);
      // start the app
      if (!process.env.ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE) {
          .then(() => {
            app.on('activate', () => {
              if (mainWindow === null) createWindow();
      } else {
        console.error('failed to bootstrap main process');


    See examples for detailed code examples.


    Do protections affect my (electron) app performance?

    It depends. If you have a huge archive and applied encryption, then yes. Otherwise, electron should still be able read your asar file at the same speed as if nothing changed. The same should be true for other frameworks that utilise the asar format (unless the implementation differs drastically for some reason, which is out of my control).


    Found a bug or have a question? Open an issue if it doesn't exist yet. Pull Requests are welcome, but please open an issue first if you're adding major changes!

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