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A simple (de)serialize library for AssemblyScript.



npm install --save-dev as-serde

Update your asconfig to include the transform:

  "options": {
    ... // other options here
    "transform": ["as-serde-transform"]


This package defines four abstract classes: CoreSerializer/Serializer/CoreDeserializer/Deserializer.

All methods in CoreSerializer/CoreDeserializer are used by as-serde-transform. That is to say, the automatically generated code depends on these classes.

Serializer/Deserializer just simply expand CoreSerializer/CoreDeserializer, making it easier for serialization library authors to implement the required functions.

Decorator Syntax

Use decorator just like this:

class Person {
    name: string;
    gender: bool;

or like this:

@serialize({ omitName: true })
@deserialize({ omitName: true })
class Person {
    name: string;
    gender: bool;

There are two decorators used for class: serialize and deserialize. There is currently no decorator that supports any class field or methods yet.

Commonly supported configuration items are as follows:

  • skipSuper: boolean: default to false. (de)serialize method will ignore fields of super class if true.
  • omitName: boolean: default to false. (de)serialize method will pass null to (de)serializeField and other method instead of the field name. It can save many bytes in wasm code if you do not care about field names.


Currently our decorator name serialize and deserialize occupies the global namespace. I hope that all decorators in the follow-up can be changed to the serde namespace, which is a bit troublesome, so I haven’t implemented it yet. Such as:

class Person {
    name: string;
    gender: bool;

I hope to add some field and method decorators, such as serde.skip/serde.get/serde.set and others. Since I don't need these functions for the time being, and I haven't carefully considered the advantages and disadvantages of several implementation details, I still haven't implemented it.

At present, only the serialization of json has been implemented, and the deserialization has not been implemented because it is more troublesome. Subsequent implementations of json deserialization may redefine the interface of Deserialize according to the situation. I think the current interface is still not good enough.

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