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Safely replace all instances in AWS AutoScaling Group.

How it works

  • Doubles MinSize and DesiredCapacity of target AutoScaling Group
  • Waits for new instances to become healthy in all AutoScaling Group's ELBs
  • Terminates obsolete instances
  • Returns MinSize and DesiredCapacity to their original values


Install globally with npm to use CLI commands:

$ npm install -g as-replace-instances

or use its javascript API in your own project.


Place the following inside a file called ~/.asrc

    "accessKeyId": "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
    "secretAccessKey": "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"


Provides single CLI command: as-replace-instances, used like

as-replace-instances -r <region> -g <autoscaling-group>

  • -r is the AWS region within which the specified AutoScaling Group exists
  • -g is the name of the AutoScaling Group on which to act

or to use its javascript library:

var as = require('as-replace-instances');