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    Modern testing for DevOps and SRE

    keep production fast & reliable, customers happy, and pagers silent

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    Use Cases

    • Prepare for traffic surges - run load tests to help prepare your API or service for upcoming peak traffic
    • Run continuous smoke tests to catch issues before they reach production
    • Run Artillery in CI/CD to prevent performance regressions
    • Profile and debug performance issues such as memory leaks, high tail latency caused by GC pauses or high CPU usage, or misconfigured resource pools
    • Scale out and run your tests from your own AWS account with ease


    • Test ANY stack: Load test HTTP, WebSocket,, Kinesis, HLS, and more
    • Scenarios: Support for complex scenarios to test multi-step interactions in your API or web app (great for ecommerce, transactional APIs, game servers etc).
    • Load testing & smoke testing: reuse the same scenario definitions to run performance tests or functional tests on your API or backend.
    • Detailed performance metrics: get detailed performance metrics (response time, TTFB, transactions per second, concurrency, throughput). Track custom metrics with high precision (histograms, counters and rates)
    • Scriptable: write custom logic in JS, using any of the thousands of useful npm modules.
    • Batteries-included: out-of-the-box integrations with external monitoring systems such as Datadog, InfluxDB, Honeygcomb, and Lightstep, per-URL metrics, file uploads, SSL auth, fuzz testing, and more!
    • Extensible: write custom reporters, custom plugins, and custom engines, or customize VU scenarios and behavior
    • Cloud-native: built for the cloud from day one - run distributed load tests from your own AWS account with ease
    • and more! HTML reports, nice CLI, parameterization with CSV files, CICD integrations

    Getting Started With Artillery

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    Artillery is open-source software distributed under the terms of the MPLv2 license.


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