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Arweave Deploy that saves you data costs.


  • No file size limit.
  • No amount of files limit.
  • Doesn't upload files that you have already uploaded.

How to use

arkb runs using NodeJS and NPM. You must have both installed on your machine for it to work.

Install arkb:

yarn global add arkb # recommended


npm install -g arkb

Note: The installation of arkb needs node >=15.11.0 or you will get an error when using arkb. To manage multiple active nodejs, we recommend you have nvm installed on your computer, then you can switch different node in a simple command.

And run:

arkb help

Note: If you are planning to upload large batches of data transactions to the Arweave network, it is strongly advised that you use the --use-bundler option instead of regular deploy to avoid transaction failures. You can read about bundles and their advantages on the Arwiki.

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                     88b        88b
 d888b8b    88bd88b  888  d88'  888888b
d8P' ?88    88P'  `  888bd8P'   88P `?8b
88b  ,88b  d88      d88888b    d88,  d88
`?88P'`88bd88'     d88' `?88b,d88'`?88P'

Usage: arkb [options] [command]

Options                                 Description
--auto-confirm                          Skips the confirm screen
--concurrency -c <number>               Multi thread, default is 5
--content-type <content type>           Set the files content type
--debug                                 Display log messages
--fee-multiplier -m <number>            Set the fee multiplier for all transactions
--force -f                              Force a redeploy of all the files
--gateway -g <host_or_ip>               Set the gateway hostname or ip address
--help -h                               Show usage help for a command
--license                               Specify the license of your upload with an spdx li
--no-colors                             Print to terminal without fancy colors
--tag-name <name>                       Set a tag name
--tag-value <value>                     Set a tag value
--timeout -t <number>                   Set the request timeout
--bundle                                Locally bundle your files and deploy to Arweave
--use-bundler <host_or_ip>              Use an ans104 bundler service
--wallet -w <wallet_path>               Set the key file path

Commands (alias)                        Description
balance (b)                             Get the current balance of your wallet
deploy (d) <folder_or_file>             Deploy a directory or file
fund-bundler <amount>                   Fund your bundler account
help (h)                                Show usage help for a command
network (n)                             Get the current network info
status (s) <txid>                       Check the status of a transaction ID
transfer <address> <amount>             Send funds to an Arweave wallet
version (v)                             Show the current arkb version number
wallet-export (we)                      Exports a previously saved wallet
wallet-forget (wf)                      Removes a previously saved wallet
wallet-save (ws) <wallet_path>          Saves a wallet, removes the need of the --wallet option
withdraw-bundler <amount>               Withdraw from your bundler balance


  1. Create a fork
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request 🚀




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